Idealistic survivalist


Sasha grew up nurtured by a loving family, far from the reach of the Empire ans, in truth, civilization. Every now and then the family would pack up and move to another remote, uncivilized planet, full of unspoiled wilderness for Sasha to explore. What Sasha came to realize is that her parents were members of a group that would become the Rebel Alliance and were always on the run from Imperial authorities. When she became an adult, Sasha joined the Rebel Alliance as well, eager to do her part for the cause of galactic harmony and democracy.

Sasha’s idealism did not survive contact with the enemy and neither did the rest of her Rebel cell. While on a recon mission on the planet Onderon, Sasha and her unit gave away their position, thanks to the dangerous native wildlife. Imperial forces, their attention drawn by blaster fire, responded with heavy artillery and a strike force of AT-ST walkers. When Sasha and her unit called for extraction, they were told no support would be forthcoming. Sasha was the only one to survive, hiding herself in the rugged hinterlands of the planet.

Her loyalty to the Rebel Alliance broken, Sasha began selling her skills as a scout to the highest bidder. While business on Onderon was quite good, Sasha was eager to leave the planet where she had seen so many of her friends die. An opportunity arose when a Twi’lek bounty hunter named Oskara came to Onderon and needed help tracking a bounty through wild country. Sasha led Oskara to her quarry and, in return, Oskara gave her a ride to Mos Shuuta on Tatooine.

In its own way, Tatooine has a wilderness as harsh as any jungle world, and Sasha was able to continue serving as a freelance scout, striking up friendships with Oskara and Teemo’s lead mechanic, a human man named Mathus. The true danger on Tatooine for Sasha was the rule of the Hutts and their minions; enough of Sasha’s idealism remained that guiding an indentured servant through the wilderness to a safehouse struck her as normal, even noble. When Teemo the Hutt found out that it was Sasha who helped the servant escape, he was not pleased- but apparently that had given Oskara an idea…


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